Smart Central Heating Controls

Smart heating controls is a new product area that has come about from an advancement in technology. Smart controls give you more control over your home heating and will save you money on your fuel bill.

Can I fit smart controls to my boiler?

Yes! Smart controls are compatible with almost all boilers and heating systems whether they're gas, oil, LPG, heat pump or electric. Smart controls are even compatible with much older boilers such as back boilers. Smart controls are not compatible with wood burners as this is an uncontrolled heat source.

Optimum start control

Smart thermostats all incorporate something called optimum start control which is an energy saving feature. Optimum start controllers constantly measure the rooms temperature and adjust the central heatings timings to suit. If the room is warmer, the thermostat will turn the boiler on later to allow for this, this means the room will still reach the desired temperature at the same time, but saving gas in the process. Some smart controls will also measure the outside temperature through the internet and will also allow for this.

Choosing your smart controls

BoilerSwaps.uk have a lot of experience in the smart controls market having installed hundreds over the last 4 years. There are a lot of different smart thermostats on the market, some will have greater benefits for different circumstances. We will discuss with you your needs and provide the best solution for you.

Features to consider

What are the features you should looking for when choosing the best thermostat for your home? Here's some to consider.

Smart home integration

Smart heating controls can integrate with smart home platforms such as Apple HomeKit™, Amazon Echo™ and Google Home™ allowing you to make adjustments using a smartphone or tablet app. This means one app can control the thermostat and other areas of the home including lighting, CCTV, alarm systems, garage doors and individual sockets. You will be able to control your heating using Alexa!

Thermostat learning

A few of the leading smart controls will learn how much energy your home takes to reach temperature and how much energy is needed to keep it there. They will also learn your routines using movement sensors, so your heating wont come on until someone is at home.

Geo location

Using your phones GPS some thermostats will bring your heating on when your within a certain distance from home, so that your home will be warm when you arrive.


Certain thermostats will send you a notification or email if your home is in danger of freezing, which could result in pipes bursting. This would be handy if you're on holiday or away for a few days. Your heating could have failed, this notification would give you a chance to send a friend, family or us to rectify the fault.

Custom display

A few smart thermostats will light up when you enter the room so you can see the room temperature or time. Some brands allow you to choose the face of the thermostat so you can match it to your home decor.

Multi-zone systems

If you have more than one heating zone in your home you will need to consider which smart controls will be compatible.

Boiler modulation

Some modern gas and LPG boilers allow smart thermostats to directly control the boilers gas valve modulation. Normally your thermostat only tells your boiler either on or off. This means as your room temperature drops below your required temperature and then back up again, your thermostat will repeatedly turn the boiler off and on, this process wastes gas. Modulation means when your home is at the right temperature, the smart control will tell the boiler to burn at a very low setting, which keeps your home constantly at your required temperature and wastes hardly any gas.

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