Underfloor Heating

What are the advantages of underfloor heating?

There are many advantages of underfloor heating compared to traditional radiators, that's why the market sector for underfloor heating is growing so rapidly.

While the initial installation costs are higher, underfloor heating can pay for itself within a surprisingly short amount of time due to the energy savings and higher efficiency.

Cheaper to run

Underfloor heating has a much lower running temperature between 35 - 50°C. Compared to traditional radiators which have a running temperature between 65 - 80°C. This means your boiler has less 'on' time which leads to lower energy bills. These lower temperatures are especially advantageous for modern condensing boilers which are at their most efficient lower temperatures.

Low maintenance costs

Naturally underfloor heating has far lower maintenance costs than other systems this is due to less components in the systems. There are less dissimilar metals in the system causing sludge build up, radiators are made from steel which is the metal in central heating systems that causes magnetite sludge.

Better all round comfort

Your home will feel more comfortable when heated through the floor. This is due to a more even temperature throughout your home with no hot and cold spots in different areas of a room. Underfloor heating warms the floor across a large surface area which give the room pleasantly a warm ambient temperature.

Great for open plan spaces

Underfloor heating lends itself to open plan living spaces due to the even heat distribution.

Works with existing homes

Your existing building can be brought right up to date with a modern energy efficient heating solution without the disruption of digging up the floor, Polypipe offer over lay panels that can be laid over the existing floor saving significant time.

Works with any floor covering

Underfloor heating will work with any floor covering. But some floor coverings will work better than others. Read Polypipe's guidance on floor covering and their considerations for each.

Takes up less room

Not having to accommodate for radiator wall space is another advantage of underfloor heating, meaning more space for furniture or to keep your home feeling less cluttered.

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